Solar Power Monitoring Systems for Your Home

When it comes to tracking the performance of your home solar power system and staying on top of your family’s electricity usage, our SunPower® Monitoring System puts you in complete control. SunPower provides you with the tools you need to monitor the power your solar panels generate. And with our optional Consumption Monitoring Kit, you can also track your electricity usage, enabling you to save on energy expenses and make smart decisions for your home and family. You can watch your solar power system in action and track how the clean solar energy you’ve produced benefits the environment. View your energy information anytime, anywhere, with convenient access options:

Intuitive Solar Power Monitoring Website

An easy-to-use web-based interface lets you examine the solar energy your home produces and and compare your SunPower solar energy output over hours, days, months, and years. Already have an account?  Login now>>

For information on registering your monitoring system, logging into the website, or using the website or mobile device app: download the SunPower Monitoring System Guide

On-The-Go Monitoring

Keep track of your home’s energy information wherever you are, with SunPower Monitoring for mobile devices. Share the performance of your system with friends to celebrate your low bills and clean energy production!

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Solar Energy Monitoring Services

Your SunPower installer will remotely monitor your residential solar power system to ensure your system is performing optimally. If your system is not producing energy, your installer will receive an automatic notification and can diagnose problems quickly before making a service call, saving you time and money. Learn more from your SunPower dealer»


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