Solar Parking Canopies

Power Up Your Parking Lot with SunPower

SunPower® solar parking canopies are setting the standard for elevated solar power systems. Ideal for parking lots or open areas adjacent to facilities, these solar PV parking structures generate on-site solar electric power, reduce energy costs and provide premium shading with protection from the weather.
This product is adaptable by design, accommodating unique property lines and differing topography contours. Each system is individually engineered to optimize energy output in your available space, thereby maximizing your return on investment.  

  SunPower Solar Parking Canopies (pdf)


Architectural Solar Canopy

Customized tilt angles maximize energy output with industry-leading aesthetics.

Key Benefits:

  • Able to withstand winter snow load and control water runoff
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Optimized for large-scale deployment
  • High system reliability, low operating cost

Tracking Solar Canopy

Patented tracking technology tilts high-efficiency PV solar panels toward the sun as they move across the sky, generating up to 25% more electricity than traditional systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Greatest energy output per square foot
  • Highest power density for constrained parking areas
  • Best for drier climates with minimal snowfall
  • Ideal for spaces that do not require control of water runoff

Fixed-Tilt Solar Canopy

The simple and elegant Fixed-Tilt Solar Canopy is a large array that can be flat or tilted in one direction, helping to maximize your ROI.

Key Benefits:

  • Able to withstand winter snow load and control water runoff
  • No moving parts
  • Shading and protection for vehicles
  • Low balance of system cost

SunPower Solar Parking Canopies are available with the SunPower E20 Series panels, including the 327-watt solar panel. 

SunPower E-Series Solar Panel

SunPower® E-Series Solar Panels

SunPower E-Series high-achieving solar panels for homes deliver efficient performance, long-lasting durability at a great value.  These panels are the most powerful and reliable solar energy panels available on the market today, delivering the most electricity over the lifetime of your system. The E-Series integrates SunPower® Maxeon™ solar cell technology with our larger high efficiency solar cells and a patented, anti-reflective coating to increase sunlight absorption. For this series, only the highest reliability materials are utilized to facilitate greatest light transmission.

SunPower SPR - 327 Residential Solar Panel (PDF)

Learn more about the SunPower E-Series Solar Panels >


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