SunPower® Single-Axis Solar PV Trackers

Single-axis solar trackers from SunPower deliver the highest energy production per acre for solar power plants. That’s why the highest performing solar power plants in the world rely on SunPower solar trackers. SunPower deploys the most proven ground systems on the planet, with more than 400 megawatts AC installed on four continents.

SunPower Solar Trackers:

  • Deliver the greatest power density per tracker or acre of land
  • Occupy a much smaller footprint than conventional or thin-film solar energy systems
  • Scale up or down to fit demanding land-use requirements
  • Require less land, concrete, steel and cabling per megawatt than competing ground systems

SunPower T0 Tracker: The Most Energy Per Acre

The SunPower T0 Tracker produces more solar energy per acre than any solar tracking system available. Proprietary tracking algorithms maximize the solar power plant capacity factor and produce up to 30% more energy than fixed-tilt systems. When it comes to installation on your solar energy site, pre-manufactured solar tracking structures enable a maximum installation rate with factory-levels of quality control.

Partner with SunPower

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Solar White Paper


The Drivers of the Levelized Cost of Electricity for Utility-Scale Photovoltaics

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