SunPower® AC Solar Panels

Introducing the new SunPower AC Solar Panel: A cutting-edge rooftop solar energy solution for your home that combines the industry-leading SunPower® high efficiency solar panel with an integrated microinverter mounted directly onto the back side of the panel.

Improve your energy harvest:

Typical solar panels for your home generate DC electricity which then needs to be converted into usable AC power by an inverter box mounted in your garage. With SunPower AC Solar Panels the conversion to usable AC electricity happens more efficiently, right at the panel. This revolutionary home solar panel integrates the panel + inverter into one unified product, improving your rooftop electricity harvest by maximizing the energy output of each individual solar panel.


  • Easy to install around obstructions, shaded areas and on complex rooftops
  • Simplifies system design, with panel level DC to AC power conversion
  • Improves your energy harvest, with power optimization at the panel level
  • Enables detailed energy monitoring of each individual panel
  • Backed by the SunPower industry-leading 25-year warranty, to guarantee your investment

Detailed monitoring of each panel:

Since every solar panel has its own microinverter, you can monitor each panel’s performance individually through your SunPower® Monitoring System interface. You can now pinpoint any variation to individual solar panel performance and ensure maximum energy output.

Start small, add on later:

SunPower AC residential solar panels make it easier to start small and add more panels later on, giving you flexibility to expand your system by as many panels as you’d like when you’re ready. Since your solar power system does not need to be sized according to the energy load of a typical garage-mounted inverter, you can add just one or two panels, or several more. It’s that simple.
SunPower E19 / 240 AC Solar Panel Datasheet (PDF)

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