SunPower - Solar Panels for Homes
Why Do More Homeowners Choose SunPower® Solar?
Residential Solar Power
Study Shows Solar Boosts Home Sale Prices by $17,000
SunPower - Solar Panels for Home
The Trusted Solar Solution for Your Home

Residential Solar Power: Look Forward to Opening Your Electric Bill

The Planet's Most Powerful Solar®

With the most powerful solar energy systems on the planet you can virtually eliminate your electric bill and start saving from day one. Not only do high-efficiency solar panels from SunPower work harder for you day after day, they’ll also blend into your roof, thanks to the SunPower® Signature™ black solar panel design.

Peace of Mind for Years to Come

With the SunPower network of best-in-class solar panel installers you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a highly-trained local professional will handle all aspects of your solar installation, including design, permitting, access to financing, rebate processing and solar system maintenance. And, the SunPower industry-leading warranty will ensure that your investment in rooftop solar is protected for years to come. It’s not surprising that more homeowners choose SunPower than any other solar solution.



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