Commercial Solar Products and Services from SunPower

The Most Efficient and Reliable Solar Solutions Available

SunPower delivers turnkey rooftop solar installations, solar ground solutions, and solar parking lot installations that significantly reduce the energy costs of large businesses and government agencies. We also offer robust solar services to ensure your solar system will always run at peak performance, delivering the greatest energy output for decades to come.

Record-Breaking Solar Technology

SunPower® commercial solar solutions are powered by the world’s most efficient solar technology. Operating at an efficiency of up to 24%, SunPower solar cells designed with the patented SunPower Maxeon™ technology produce up to 50% more energy per square foot than other solar technologies and consistently outperform other solar technologies in a broad range of real-world conditions, including high temperatures, low light and over extended periods of time.

Optimized Turnkey Solar Solutions

The most powerful solar energy systems go beyond the solar cell and solar panel. SunPower delivers complete commercial solar power systems, designed to optimize overall solar energy output. At every step of a solar project – from site assessment, to design and installation, to operation and maintenance – our goal is to provide systems that deliver the most energy possible. Our experience designing and installing commercial solar projects ensures the highest levels of quality and satisfaction from our customers.

  • Rooftop Solar Solutions

    Generate the most energy per rooftop with SunPower solar roof tile solutions.

  • Ground-Mounted Solar Trackers

    Maximize energy output with SunPower ground-mounted solar tracking solutions.

  • Solar Parking Canopies

    Turn your parking lot into a power plant with the industry’s highest-efficiency solar parking canopies.

  • SunPower Energy Management Services

    SunPower® Energy Management Services

    Ensure your solar installation operates at peak performance with SunPower Energy Management Services.


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Macy’s, Harvard & FedEx Share Their Solar Experiences

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Valuing the Return on Commercial Solar Projects

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