Solar Power Plant Products & Services

The Highest Efficiency Solar Products Under the Sun

SunPower designs, manufacturers and delivers the highest efficiency solar products in the industry. SunPower solar cells convert sunlight to electricity at an operating efficiency of 24 percent, which means they produce up to 50 percent more energy per square foot than other solar technologies. When it comes to real world conditions, including high temperatures and low-light, SunPower consistently outperforms the competition.
At SunPower we’ve leveraged the high-tech performance of our solar cells, combining high-efficiency solar panels and smart, single-axis trackers to build light impact, utility-scale solar power plants. Specifically, the SunPower® OasisTM power plant delivers up to 50 percent more energy per acre compared to conventional PV power plants, minimizing development costs and permitting risks. And, tracking with high-efficiency solar panels also ensures the most power over the lifetime of the system.

  • SunPower® Oasis™ Power Plant

    The SunPower® OasisTM power plant delivers high-performance utility-scale solar through optimized 1.5 MW power blocks coupled with sophisticated energy management tools.

  • SunPower® Rooftop Solar Solutions

    Utilities can own and operate solar power plants on rooftops. The SunPower® T5 Solar Roof Tile features an easy to install, all-in-one design for quick deployment.

  • SunPower Energy Management Services

    SunPower Energy Management Services

    We are uniquely qualified to meet the operations and maintenance needs of a large-scale solar power system customer and have the experience to deliver on those expectations.

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Solar White Paper


The Drivers of the Levelized Cost of Electricity for Utility-Scale Photovoltaics

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