Most Efficient Solar

Not all solar panels are created equally. In fact, there’s a huge range in efficiency. So if you’re looking for efficient solar, look at the facts. SunPower® solar cells currently hold the world record with up to 24 percent cell conversion efficiency. And that’s why SunPower® solar panels deliver up to 50 percent more energy than conventional panels. How do we do it? With our revolutionary patented, all-back contact, SunPower® Maxeon® solar cell technology.

Efficient Solar Cells Capture the Most Light

The front of the SunPower solar cell captures significantly more light than any other solar cells on the market—even in lowlight conditions. That’s because:

  • There are no metal gridlines on the surface to block the light
  • We use only the best, premium silicon inside our solar cells
  • Our wider metal contacts conduct more electrical current
  • A backside mirror reflects more light back into the cell.

Solar Efficiency Matters

The bottom line? When you’re looking at solar, efficiency matters. And SunPower makes the most efficient solar energy systems in the world, delivering more solar electricity per square foot than any other solar power company on the planet.


Solar White Paper


High-Confidence Prediction of Energy Production from High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Systems

Understand the attributes that influence energy production from SunPower modules relative to other technologies.

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Why Solar Efficiency Is Important
Learn how solar efficiency works and why it should be a key consideration for any solar investment.


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