Financing Your SunPower® Residential Solar System

Ready to go solar but don’t have the cash? A SunPower® Loan or Lease enables you to spread the cost of your solar system out over time and start saving money today.

How to Buy Solar Panels

Residential Solar Financing Options with SunPower

Ask your SunPower dealer to discuss the wide range of available financing options so you can be sure that your SunPower system fits both your energy needs and your finances.

SunPower offers both lease and loan plans designed to keep things simple and make your new solar system truly affordable.

SunPower Leases offer:*
  • Low or No down-payment
  • Low monthly payments
  • Production guaranteed, or SunPower will pay or credit you
  • Flexible options at end of lease term—renew your lease or SunPower will remove it at no cost

SunPower Loan Programs: 
  • Short-term “same as cash” loans help you go solar now and pay for it when you want – up to 18 months, with no interest!
  • Medium to long-term unsecured installment loans available from 5-20 years

* Convenient loan features capture the benefit of federal incentive programs and enable the customer to make one low payment for the life of the loan
* Easy application process (online or over the phone), decisions in seconds


Schedule a solar consultation to find out how much you could save




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