SunPower Energy Assurance™

Guaranteed Performance or Your Money Back

SunPower is proud to offer SunPower Energy Assurance™, the solar industry’s first manufacturer-backed performance guarantee for homeowners purchasing a solar system. SunPower Energy Assurance guarantees that your home solar system performs as promised or we will pay you the difference!1

Energy Assurance operation control

Maximize System Performance with Remote Monitoring

With SunPower Energy Assurance, your system will be continuously monitored by SunPower’s operations professionals to ensure that it produces 100% (or more!) of the electricity specified in your service agreement. If your system does not produce the power expected, you will be promptly notified and if needed, your installer will perform a check on your system and make any necessary repairs.

Solar monitoring systems

Protect Your Investment

As a SunPower Energy Assurance customer, you will also get a personalized, annual solar production report giving you the peace of mind that your system is producing at its optimal levels every day, throughout the year.

For homeowners who choose to purchase their system, SunPower Energy Assurance is offered as either a single up front payment or a low annual fee. The service is fully transferable to the new owner should you decide to sell your home. In addition, with the single payment option you may be eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit2, and the cost can be included in your monthly payment should you choose to finance your system.

For homeowners who lease their system with a SunPower® Lease, SunPower Energy Assurance is included as a lease benefit. The length of your Energy Assurance guarantee will depend on the terms of your lease.

1. Certain exclusions, restrictions and conditions apply.
2. Consult your tax advisor to see if you qualify for the tax credit.


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