Getting Started with Your Commercial Solar Project

At SunPower our goal is to deliver predictable and reliable energy cost savings through turnkey solar power solutions for businesses and government agencies. The steps below will help you get started and take control of your organization’s energy future.

Step 1: Preliminary Site Analysis

Work with one of our Customer Service Representatives on a preliminary solar site analysis. Our team will begin to determine the size and type of solar installation that will best achieve your energy goals. Based on your site location, we will also get started identifying commercial solar incentives that will dramatically reduce the price of your installation.

During the initial phase of our partnership, we will be asking for a variety of items and documents. Below is a list of items you may need to supply. We will work with you to gather the necessary information from the list below to ensure the best commercial solar power solution and long-term energy savings for your organization: 
  • The specific address of the site you are considering for solar
  • 12 months of electricity bills
  • Details on your current utility rate schedule
  • Site photos or drawings
  • Do you currently own or lease your site? 

Step 2: Consider Solar Financing Options

It is a myth that a solar project carries a huge upfront capital cost. SunPower offers unmatched solar financing expertise that can deliver solar electricity at rates below standard electricity prices.  Through a SunPower® Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or solar lease, it is possible to start saving on electricity from day one with no upfront costs.  Of course a cash purchase may ultimately provide the greatest total savings. We will work with you to deliver a financing package that addresses the specific needs of your organization.   

SunPower Solar Financing Options

Step 3: SunPower Proposal

"How much does a SunPower installation cost?" This is common question from organizations researching a solar. The answer depends on project specific details such as type and size of installation, available solar incentives, and financing decisions. In reality, gross system price and price per watt are deceptive measures of the true value of a solar project. Instead, SunPower focuses on delivering energy cost savings. Our proposal will outline predictable energy costs savings that you will realize from a SunPower solution.

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Valuing the Return on Commercial Solar Projects

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