Why Solar

Advantages of Utility-Scale Solar Power

 The world needs clean, cost-effective, renewable solar energy at the utility scale. The reasons range from the profound to the profit-driven. But they are all compelling. From reducing the impact of climate change to the rising cost of traditional fuel prices, from increasing regulation and the cost of capital to the public demand for responsible action on the part of utilities, solar power is fast becoming one of the most cost-effective energy resources available today.

SunPower Electric® Competitive Cost of Delivered Solar Electricity

Utility-scale PV solar power is now cost-competitive with thermal solar and wind energy. The cost of solar electricity continues to fall while the cost of conventional electricity increases. Advances in solar technology, conversion efficiency and installation have allowed utility-scale photovoltaic solar systems to achieve cost structures competitive with other peaking power sources. What’s more, the cost of solar is known, and predictable, over the lifecycle of the power generating system.

Scalability & Siteability

The economies of scale inherent in utility-scale solar systems are similar to those found with other power options, but photovoltaic power plants have the benefit of being completely modular – PV solar can be deployed at a 2-kilowatt residential scale, at a 2-megawatt commercial scale or at a 250-megawatt scale. PV solar power has the unique advantage among renewable resources of being able to produce power anywhere: deserts, cities or suburbs.

Tax Incentives & Regulatory Mandates

As states increasingly pass mandates requiring utilities to use more renewable energy, solar power plants from SunPower provide a cost-effective, tested, rapid solution. Public policies that accelerate the depreciation tax benefit over the financed life of the project directly benefit the owners of utility-scale photovoltaic systems. Faster depreciation translates to faster recognition of the depreciation benefit on the bottom line.

Why SunPower?

With more than a quarter-century of experience, over 1.5 gigawatts (GW) of solar installed worldwide, and utility-scale solar power plants on four continents, SunPower has an unparalleled track record of technology, innovation and experience. Today, SunPower has the capacity to build out 1 megawatt of solar power per day, from factory to field.

SunPower Offers a Complete Solar Solution

At SunPower all we do is solar. And we do it all. From sourcing polysilicon for our state-of-the-art solar cells to manufacturing the highest efficiency photovoltaic solar panels in the industry, SunPower can manage all aspects of the solar power value chain, including manufacturing, installation, operation and financing. By controlling the supply and manufacturing of our solar power modules, we can ensure on-time delivery of our product. Our engineering, procurement and construction services provide a seamless construction process, eliminating uncertainty, worry and delay as we build out your solar system. And to make certain your solar power plant delivers the expected energy output, our operations and maintenance services are available from day one.

Partner with SunPower

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Solar White Paper


The Drivers of the Levelized Cost of Electricity for Utility-Scale Photovoltaics

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