SunPower® Solar STANDARD Program

Build a better community and a base of highly satisfied homeowners. Combine energy-efficient home design with SunPower® solar systems installed on every home, and you'll provide homeowners with a financially sound, practical, and effortless way to lower their electric bills and environmental footprint.

Separate Yourself from the Competition

The SunPower Solar STANDARD Program offers a glimpse into the future – and allows builders to distinctly differentiate themselves from resale homes and competing communities. SunPower works with builders in California, Nevada, Colorado and New Jersey to offer SunPower solar systems as a standard feature in over 100 communities.

Here is an example from one of our partners. DownloadPDF

Satisfied Homeowners Speak for Themselves

The homeowner experience reported by buyers of homes in standard communities is unmatched. Don’t just take or word for it. View how happy homeowners are with their SunPower solar systems. View video testimonials here>>

Now Including an Opt-Out Feature

In an effort to meet the needs of our builder partners, SunPower has introduced an opt-out feature to widen the breadth of our program portfolio. With the opt-out feature, solar power is offered in every new home within the community, with an option for homebuyers to decline it prior to the home being built. Now builders are able to offer solar power as a standard feature while retaining the flexibility to lower the cost of the home when necessary. Although relatively new, the opt-out feature has already shown high solar system take-up rates and a positive response from builders and homebuyers alike.

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