SunPower® Long-Term Service Agreement

When you sign on to a long-term service agreement from SunPower, you’ll receive outage restoration and repair services for your solar power system that is unmatched in the industry.  A SunPower® Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) provides customers with on-call response to PV system outages and derating that can respond in hours—not days or weeks— to get your plant or generating unit back online and operating at full performance.

For solar power plant customers that choose to perform their own solar operations and maintenance, our Long Term Service Agreement provides the parts, tools, response capability and solar PV system experts to assist your team in responding to unplanned outages and equipment failure.

SunPower outage response, restoration and repair services include:
  • Rapid repair—Repair of all system components, including inverters.
  • Restoration—System outage and derating events restored to pre-event conditions.
  • 24x7 Service—On call service from SunPower's PV Technicians
  • SunPower Hotline—Staffed daily, around the clock with SunPower's Technical Support Team.
  • Spare parts—Complete inventory of spare parts, including module, inverter and balance-of-plant components.
SunPower Long Term Service Agreement benefits include: 
  •  Minimal downtime—Decreases the impact of forced outages and system deratings. 
  •  Maximum revenue—High system availability increases solar power plant revenue 
  •  Increased commercial availability—Results in higher PV solar generation during peak  production periods. 
  •  Reduced risk—Meet or exceed your solar energy system’s financial expectations by insuring  against unplanned and long-term outages. 
  •  Lower costs—Reduce inventory-carrying costs by outsourcing to SunPower

Service Options

A variety of flexible service level options are available to meet your needs. Whether you need spare parts or on-site PV solar experts, speak with a SunPower Energy Management Services representative to find out how a SunPower Long Term Service Agreement can be customized to address your unique needs.

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