SunPower® Solar Concentrators

SunPower® C7 Tracker:  The Lowest Levelized Cost of Energy

Named for its ability to concentrate the sun’s energy by 7 times, the SunPower® C7 Tracker delivers the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for utility-scale deployment available today. The C7 combines a horizontal single-axis tracker with rows of parabolic mirrors, reflecting light onto the world’s highest-efficiency silicon solar cells. This record-breaking CPV tracker solution is based on SunPower’s proven experience in tracking systems, such as the SunPower® T0 Solar Tracker. Reliability and energy production are industry-leading with SunPower® highest efficiency solar cells, backed by proven expertise in building and operating hundreds of megawatts of utility-scale tracking PV power plants around the world.


  • The lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for utility-scale deployment
  • Bankable CPV technology with proven performance
  • The highest quality materials ensuring predictable long-term performance
  • Modular solar cell receivers enabling future plant performance upgrades
  • The most scalable solar cell manufacturing platform with the ability to deliver gigawatts of power plants around the world
  • Local job creation through rapidly deployable regional manufacturing

Renewable Energy Advances for the Long Term

The C7 Tracker is an advanced technology platform which can deliver gigawatts of cost-effective renewable energy for the long-term energy needs of the planet. Based on 25 years of Silicon Valley research and development in high efficiency solar technology, the C7 promises to accelerate the day that renewable solar energy can play a major role in the world’s energy supply. The same Silicon Valley innovation that ushered in new eras of computing and communications will now deliver a new era in energy, with the revolutionary SunPower C7 Tracker.

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Performance Results of a Low-Concentration Photovoltaic System Based on High-Efficiency Back-Contact Solar Cells

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