Solar Roof Tiles by SunPower: Benefits to Your Business

The Most Solar Energy per Rooftop

Commercial rooftops are prime real estate for solar roof tiles. Rooftops provide the opportunity to turn unused space into an energy-producing, cost-cutting asset. Built around the record-breaking SunPower® Maxeon™ solar cell technology, our solar roof tile product allows you to generate the most solar energy possible on your roof.

Powerful Design

Our rooftop product is built around the most efficient solar technology available, the SunPower solar cell. But we don’t stop there. Based on decades of real-world experience, we have carefully balanced panel tilt, panel spacing, system shading, and system mounting technology to arrive at an innovative solar roof tile product that enables the greatest total energy production. This allows you to offset more of your electricity bill and realize the greatest savings on energy costs.

T-10 Solar Panel Roof Tiles

No Roof Penetrations = No Worries

Traditional commercial solar installations can require thousands of small holes in your roof, leading to potential roof damage and leaks. The SunPower T10 Solar Roof Tile is self-ballasting and requires no roof penetrations. This eliminates risks associated with traditional solar racking solutions and, if necessary, allows for quick access to the roof beneath the solar panels once installation is complete.


Rooftop Quick Installation

Quick Installation Lowers Labor Costs

SunPower solar roof tile product is designed for rapid installation. Because our commercial solar product requires no roof penetrations, the installation time is reduced. Ultimately this drives down labor costs associated with installation and ensures minimal disruption at your facility.

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