To help you investigate solar as viable energy alternative, we have compiled a collection of solar resources.  These include technical white papers, solar webinars, videos and other materials covering a wide variety of solar topics.  We will continue to build out this library of solar topics with relevant and helpful information.  

  • SunPower Community

    Real stories and quick answers from SunPower homeowners and experts.

  • How Solar Works

    See how sunlight becomes household electricity.

  • Solar Buying Considerations

    How to evaluate solar as a viable energy alternative.

  • Solar Financing

    Thanks to a range of innovative financing options, transitioning to solar energy has never been more affordable.

  • Return on Investment

    Investigate the return on investment of solar energy.

  • Performance and Reliability

    Browse through detailed white papers about solar energy system performance and reliability.

  • System Design & Installation

    How important is the tilt angle? Will glare and reflectance effect the neighborhood? Learn the answers and view our installation videos.

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