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Johnson & Johnson Goes Solar with SunPower’s Advanced Technology

We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources.” – Johnson & Johnson Credo
Johnson & Johnson was looking to advance its business philosophy of reducing the overall consumption of natural resources and implementing widespread sustainability initiatives throughout the company. Impressed by SunPower’s solar solutions, Johnson & Johnson entered into a partnership with SunPower in April 2002, and since then, eight company facilities, including the company headquarters in New Jersey, have realized the benefits of onsite solar power generation. With the completion of its latest projects in Titusville and Raritan, Johnson & Johnson campuses will generate more than 8 megawatts of clean, renewable power, helping to significantly reduce its electricity costs and demonstrate environmental stewardship.


Early in the decade, Johnson & Johnson had formulated corporate goals for minimizing its impact on the environment and was therefore considering a solar option and looking for an associate with the right know-how. When SunPower approached it in 2001, offering sound technology and the experience of having managed large projects, the result was the start of a long partnership that would lead to a total of ten installations across eight Johnson & Johnson sites. With SunPower’s on-schedule deliveries and commitment to customer satisfaction, Johnson & Johnson today is happy about its decision and is looking to engage with SunPower on more projects.


In April 2002, SunPower completed the installation of the first Johnson & Johnsonsolar array, followed by nine others across various states. With fewer moving parts and no mechanical roof attachments required, these installations were fast and seamless. Over and above generating a significant proportion of the campus’s electricity requirements, SunPower’s solutions also provide thermal insulation for the buildings and reduce heating and cooling costs.


Project Overview

Location: Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals,Pennsylvania
Completed: April 2002
Installation type: commercial roof
System size: 75 kW
Covered roof area: 15,500 square feet
Number of panels: 1,750
Products: SunPower PowerGuard®
Location: Cordis Corporation, New Jersey
Completed: May 2002
Installation type: commercial roof
System size: 72 kW
Covered roof area: 16,000 square feet
Number of panels: 1,680
Products: SunPower PowerGuard®
Location: Neutrogena Corporation, California
Completed: November 2002
Installation type: commercial roof
System size: 546 kW
Covered roof area: 62,154 square feet
Number of panels: 3,640
Products: SunPower PowerGuard®
Location: Janssen Pharmaceutica, New Jersey
Completed: February 2003
Installation type: commercial roof
System size: 500 kW
Covered roof area: 40,000 square feet
Number of panels: 2,850
Products: SunPower PowerGuard®
Location: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, New Jersey
Completed: October 2005
Installation type: ground mount
System size: 505 kW
Covered roof area: 3 acres
Number of panels: 2,520
Products: SunPower® Tracker
Location: Johnson & Johnson Headquarters,New Jersey
Completed: March 2006
Installation type: ground mount
System size: 234 kW
Covered roof area: 33,000 square feet
Number of panels: 1,320
Products: SunPower® Tracker Parking System
Location: Ortho-McNeil-Janssen, Titusville, NJ
Completed: September 2010
Installation type: SunPower T0 Solar Tracker
System size: 4,116 kW
Location: Information Technology,
Raritan, NJ
Completed: August 2010
Installation type: SunPower Solar Parking Canopy
System size: 1,059 kW


  • Met the company’s worldwide goals of emission reduction
  • Reduced operating and monthly electricity costs
  • Earned subsidies and incentives from various government groups
  • Decreased heating and air conditioning requirements through better insulation
  • Lowered the load on local grids

Johnson & Johnson
8 Sites across CA, NJ and PA


“ At Johnson & Johnson we take our corporate responsibilities seriously. By investing in solar power, we’re living our commitment to the environment and reducing energy costs. ”
– Dennis Canavan,
Worldwide Energy Management,
Johnson & Johnson


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