Las Vegas Valley Water District

Las Vegas Valley Water District Generates Clean Energy SunPower® Solar

The Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) provides water to one million people in Southern Nevada and leads water conservation initiatives in the community. In 2006, LVVWD partnered with the Nevada Power Company and SunPower Corporation to install a 3.1 megawatt solar project across 6 facilities. Utilizing SunPower’s solar electric technology, the agency is now generating clean power to help distribute the region’s scarcest resource - water.
LVVWD realized that only a solar-powered solution could efficiently utilize the abundant sunlight in the desert and at the same time, avoid using water in the power-generation process. After evaluating several offerings from other solar companies, LVVWD chose SunPower for its top-performing solar technology, proven track record of successfully-managed projects, and timely delivery and completion.
Between March and April 2007, SunPower installed five solar power grids for LVVWD (the sixth was completed in June 2007). In addition to easy installation, SunPower® Solar Tracker technology offers robust, reliable, and long-lasting resistance to corrosion and high winds while delivering up to 25% more energy than fixed-tilt systems. SunPower Tracker’s unique single-axis design also encounters fewer space restrictions than dual-axis systems.
As solar technology does not require water to produce electricity, LVVWD has been able to demonstrate its commitment to conserving water in the desert region. Today LVVWD’s systems generate a significant amount of the company’s electricity requirements, delivering powerful cost savings and reducing the strain on the community’s power grid. Over the next 30 years, LVVWD’s reduction in carbon dioxide emissions will be 38,000 lbs., which is equivalent to planting 10,600 acres of trees, or removing 7,500 cars from our roads.

Project Overview

Total Size: 3,100 kW (3.1 MW)
  • SunPower® Tracker
  • SunPower® Fixed-Tilt Carport
Location 1: Ronzone Reservoir
Completed: March 2006
System Size: 821 kW
Energy Production (kWh/year): 1,595,715
Number of Solar Panels: 4,005
Location 2: Apache Reservoir
Completed: July 2006
System Size: 821 kW
Energy Production (kWh/year): 681,309
Number of Solar Panels: 1,695
Location 3: Grand Canyon
Completed: September 2006
System Size: 330 kW
Energy Production (kWh/year): 639,106
Number of Solar Panels: 1,590
Location 4: Spring Mountain Reservoir
Completed: November 2006
System Size: 537 kW
Energy Production (kWh/year): 1,037,039
Number of Solar Panels: 2,585
Location 5: Luce Reservoir
Completed: December 2006
System Size: 555 kW
Energy Production (kWh/year): 1,037,242
Number of Solar Panels: 2,670
Location 6: Springs Preserve
Completed: June 2007
System Size: 409 kW
Energy Production (kWh/year): 765,793
Number of Solar Panels: 2,200


  • Supplements on-site power operations
  • Reduces strain on Las Vegas’ utilities grid
  • Helps conserve water and energy in the desert region
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 38,000 lbs. over 30 years, which is equivalent to planting 10,600 acres of trees, or removing 7,500 cars from our roads

Las Vegas Valley Water District
Ronzone Reservoir
March 2006


“ The District's mission is to provide reliable, quality water and to ensure the sustainability of our desert community. This project is part of our continuing commitment to serve our customers and protect our environment. ”
– Pat Mulroy,
General Manager,
Las Vegas Valley Water District


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