Agriculture Solar Solutions

Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Agricultural farming, processing and storage have high and variable energy needs. As a result, unexpected changes in electricity prices can have a costly impact on your bottom line. The good news is that SunPower® solar power solutions provide a consistent energy source at lower fixed rates, ensuring that your business has affordable solar electric power when it is needed most.

Solar Energy for Farmers :

  • Control energy costs when pumping water or during drought
  • Profitable alternative to low margin crops

Solar Energy for Processing Plants

  • Reliable electricity to meet demand at peak processing times
  • Hedge against volatile electricity prices

Solar Energy for Cold Storage

  • Offset high electricity loads by producing on-site solar electric power

SunPower Agriculture Solar Power Projects Include:

“ The installation of photovoltaic panels at our brand new facility marks a significant milestone in efforts to achieve sustainability. The SunPower solar electric system helps us to generate clean energy at our winery as well as greatly conserve our energy resources. ”
– Eileen Crane,
Domaine Carneros


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