SunPower Energy Management Services

SunPower® Energy Management Services

SunPower Energy Management Services help you get the most out of your investment in solar power generation. We bring more than a decade of experience in solar system Operations & Maintenance and a track record of more than 500 large-scale solar installations currently operating around the world.
Minimize downtime. Maximize your investment. SunPower Energy Management Services puts in place the teams, technology and service packages to ensure your solar power system is performing to capacity and is protected for the lifetime of the system.

Choose from Three Levels of Service

SunPower offers three levels of service designed to protect your solar power investment. Select the service that meets your needs and that provides you with the peace of mind you get from knowing your solar energy facility is running at peak performance and meeting performance expectations.

    Performance Plus

    When full-service and maximum solar power system availability and production is essential, choose Performance Plus. SunPower Performance Plus includes all services in Performance Basic and additional key programs for increased performance, including module cleaning and prompt corrective maintenance.

    Performance Basic

    Performance Basic includes all services in Performance Monitoring, with additional SunPower preventive maintenance services that identify problems with your solar energy facility before they happen. SunPower Performance Basic is ideal for customers who are looking to leverage existing staff, and where maximum system availability and production is not essential.

    Performance Monitoring

    Ensure effective monitoring and reporting of your solar energy system performance and energy output. This offering is best for customers who want the assurance that their system is being watched, with notification when a problem occurs.


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