Our Values

At SunPower, our values govern our relationships with our customers and each other. They enable all our employees around the world, in every kind of job, to understand who we are as a company, what we stand for, and most importantly, how to get the work done. Our values are written to inspire and guide, because how we go about achieving success matters as much as what we achieve.

    1. Put Customers First

    We believe in focusing on service to deliver great results. We put our customers first – we know that their success is our success. We are passionate about making solar the preferred energy choice and we can’t do it without satisfied customers. We will go above and beyond to listen to internal and external customers and respond in a timely manner, improving our solutions based on their feedback.

    2. Pursue Learning and Growth

    We believe in developing our company and ourselves. We are a dynamic and growing company. We believe in continual growth and learning to encourage positive change. We apply lessons we’ve learned, improving our company and ourselves at every opportunity. We are committed to taking charge of our professional development and collaborating to ensure growth opportunities and positive outcomes for everyone.

    3. Be Innovative

    We believe in challenging the status quo. We recognize that there is room for improvement in everything we do – whether it’s improving a process, striving for efficiencies or developing new technologies. We encourage responsible risk-taking and trying new things, even if mistakes are made. As long as we are learning, improving results and sharing lessons learned, we are on the path to improvement. The world is a dynamic and ever evolving place. We must always be agile so we can continue to be a leader in innovation.

    4. Collaborate as a Team

    We believe two heads are better than one. Building great teams starts with listening to our co-workers, customers, partners and suppliers. We know that diversity in thoughts, opinions and backgrounds makes us stronger and more agile. Trust, respect and open, honest communication are central to who we are.

    5. Operate with Integrity

    We believe in doing the right thing and keeping our promises. Integrity means more than doing the right thing – it also means making ethical choices. As we continue to enter new markets around the globe, our success will be defined not only by our reputation and sales, but by our ability to expand our business responsibly. We expect our employees to do the right thing and keep promises – all of the time. It’s just that simple.

    6. Make Positive Contributions

    We believe in making our company and the world a better place. Making a difference in our company, local communities and the world just makes sense to us. We believe in improving the environment and humanity. Each of us is personally committed to doing good in the world and we look to each other for inspiration.

    7. Cross the Finish Line

    We believe in getting the job done. We recognize that delivering results matters. We are driven and passionate about creating success for employees, customers, shareholders and the communities we serve.

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