Unmatched Products & Services

With control over the entire production process, SunPower ensures the highest quality, best-looking home solar panels reach your rooftops and produce the most solar energy for years to come. Backed by our 25-year performance warranty and highest quality service, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that an established and proven solar panel provider is with you and your customers every step of the way. 

  • Solar Products for New Homes

    SunPower SignatureTM black solar panels are built with solar cells that deliver up to 50% more power than conventional cells.

  • A Complete Suite of Services

    An integrated roster of services from SunPower provides the training, information, and marketing support you need to deliver the next generation of energy independent solar homes.

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1-877-34-HOMES  (1-877-344-6637)


Order or download your free solar marketing materials including pricing sheets, DVDs, youtube videos and case studies on the MRC.

SunPower Agent Portal

Solar training and information exclusive to our builder sales agents 

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