Fully Flexible Sales Programs

Whether production homebuilders prefer to offer SunPower® solar systems as a standard feature or an optional upgrade, SunPower offers sales programs that work for homebuilders. The flexibility of our builder sales programs allows SunPower to provide scalable, suitable residential solar solutions for all. SunPower offers two different solar programs – SunPower Standard and SunPower Select.

  • SunPower® Solar STANDARD Program

    With SunPower Solar STANDARD, SunPower solar systems are included with all homes in the community, creating a distinct and highly marketable differentiator.

  • SunPower® Solar SELECT Program

    With SunPower SELECT, homebuyers choose how they buy their electricity. It’s their option, their power and their choice to upgrade to a SunPower solar system. SunPower SELECT is the perfect program if builders want a way to offer solar in their community without increasing costs.

  • Attract homebuyers by transforming your new homes communities into differentiated energy efficient solar communities. Satisfied solar homebuyers will share their experiences and help spread the word.

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