What to Expect When Buying Solar for Your Small or Medium Business

With solar power from SunPower, you can rest assured that your business is taking smart steps to make your solar project a reality. Here is brief step-by-step guide to purchasing solar power:

Step 1: Request a Free Solar Evaluation
You can solicit a free professional evaluation of your facility's suitability for commercial solar electric power.

Step 2: Receive a Customized Proposal
A SunPower® solar panel installer will visit your business and develop a customized proposal tailored to your energy needs, the location of your business, and the style of your roof.

Step 3: Review Solar Financing Options
Your SunPower solar installer will walk you through a range of solar power financing options, such as power purchase agreements (PPAs), to help you select the best solution at the most competitive rate.

Step 4: Sit Back While Experts Install Your Solar System
Your SunPower solar installer will handle all aspects of your solar installation including permitting, tax incentive applications, testing, and connection. Meanwhile, you can stay focused on your business without interruption and await the benefits of your new solar installation.

Step 5: Enjoy Energy Cost Savings
Your solar system is installed, and you start saving on your energy bills. Your SunPower solar energy monitoring system and 25-year performance warranty provide peace of mind that you'll enjoy the most possible solar electricity from your solar system for years to come.

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