California Valley Solar Ranch

At the 250-megawatt California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR), under construction in San Luis Obispo County, California, approximately 350 jobs are being created during the project’s two-year construction period. CVSR is expected to inject $315 million of economic benefit into the local economy and contribute about $10 million dollars in total tax revenues.

In September, 2012, the initial 22-megawatts of the project were energized, delivering the first installment of clean, reliable solar energy to the electrical grid.

Once completed, CVSR will power a yearly average of 100,000 homes with clean, renewable solar energy, while protecting and conserving more than 12,000 acres of land in and around the Carrizo Plain in southeastern San Luis Obispo County, about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

CVSR is actively demonstrating the ability of utility-scale solar to create jobs and bring real economic benefit to California families and communities.   

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“ Here in San Luis Obispo County, [this] project has reinvigorated our economy. ”
– Jim Patterson,
San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors

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